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"Tori is much more than a career coach – she is a personal champion and advocate for you. I believe she has a true gift for listening and relating her experiences to her clients. Whatever it is that is paralyzing you – stress, fear, anxiety, or self-doubt – she will dig deeper to identify the source and can build a road map toward overcoming the ‘head trash’ that consumes you. Every step of the way, she is there providing support, encouragement, podcasts, books, and articles to keep you moving on a path forward to personal fulfillment and professional success."

"I just wanna let you know that I’ve been implementing some things we’ve talked about at work and it felt amazing today! It’s helped my stress and anxiety so much. Thank you so much."

"This session was my favorite because not only did it provide information on what type of attitude to have while on the job, but it gave me real life advice that I can use." 

Working with Tori Stevens allowed me to stand in my truth and have a sincere moment of honesty. She helped me to manifest boldness, confidence, gratefulness and clarity within my personal and professional life. She showed me the importance of networking, connecting, and communicating with other people. Overall, Tori helped me to more intentionally show up for myself, whether it was a resume critique, becoming more aware of a transferable skill, or sending an email to meet/connect with others. I'd encourage anyone who feels stuck, complacent, or unsure in their career or life to work with Tori... she'll help you evolve into the person you were created to be!

"Wanted to let you know that yesterday was a day that typically I would get so mad at work and have a freak out and want to quit BUT with all the work we’ve put in so far I didn’t have the stress or anxiety. I worked with the knowledge I had, asked questions, clarified to gain understanding and am calm because many of the unknown or changes that have occurred are out of my control so I’m not getting worked up."

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