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It’s time for employees to lead the conversation.

By helping individuals fill their cup through education and empowerment, we empower people to have greater career satisfaction and success.

Tori has been a speaker for:

By engaging beyond the surface level, we can uncover learning experiences that excite individuals to do great things and be that change.


Every presentation engages the Think, Talk, Walk method, a cornerstone of inspiring change within clients. They’ll begin by uncovering the knowledge, wisdom and information already within themselves and bringing awareness to their capabilities.


Then, individuals are empowered to cultivate inner trust, worth, and value that will help them walk their talk and therefore have a profound impact. They already have incredible knowledge, or competencies, already within themselves. These intangible skills sets are what allow them to expand and grow, which leads to tangible outcomes like greater team cohesion, structure, and efficiency.

Employees have the answers to their problems.

"I had the honor of attending the networking event hosted by the Black & Hispanic/ Latino Professional Group at Bank of America. During the event, you touched on a lot of things I needed to hear at this point in time, for example, letting your true self be heard and owning your fear. I will always be grateful for that enlightenment moment of having to reach out for help.”

Speaking is more than just a presentation—it’s a pep talk that provides tools, action, and accountability for individuals to start taking the next steps in their growth and development. In other words, talking with instead of at people so they come away with meaningful insights and applicable realizations.

Here are a few ways evolYOUtion pep talks and peer-to-peer engagements may differ from other speakers:

My presentations are not purely informational. Instead of pushing people to apply things later, we apply them now within the workshop setting. Every presentation is about putting your team’s knowledge to use, not simply giving them another keynote or certification to add to their resumes.

I create personalized presentations for each organization. I have topics I regularly speak about, but the presentation itself is always calibrated to your unique needs as a team. Your organization can even request topics and brainstorm with me to create a purposeful experience for your people.

I come into every room with the intention of holding up the mirror and planting seeds of significance that meet your team where they are. Past attendees say that my presentations are always full of actionable nuggets that guide them toward a better way to show up to their work and life.

Instead of siloing employees by external identifiers, I work to create an environment that brings everyone along on the journey, so they can move away from vertical ‘stay in my lane’ style thinking to a horizontal mentality that allows everyone to learn from one another in an engaging, human-first workshop format that cultivates trust, perspective, and retention.

It is important to be nimble and adaptable to the needs and experiences people have. For this reason, all speaking sessions are completely customizable.


Work Desk

Workshops with

Through peer-to-peer communication and connection, workshops enable motivation to become action.

The experience lasts between 90 minutes and four hours and takes the individual deeper into the evolYOUtion process (Think, Talk, Walk). The process is like taking a journey, with each step being a learning experience that brings them closer to their destination. As they travel, they will gain new insights, deepen their relationships with coworkers/people, and develop a better understanding of how to be a part of the change they wish to see in this world.


Attendees will gain valuable insight from various perspectives and collective experiences. They will learn to be open to different points of view and discover creative ways of looking at their own challenges. Through this process, they can move closer to their desired goals and develop the necessary skills and confidence to take concrete steps toward them. This experience will also help them create meaningful connections with others. This will enable them to build relationships and gain a better understanding of the bigger picture. This can lead to a greater sense of belonging and empowerment, which can help them achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

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