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It's time to be an...


You’re a growth-minded individual who knows there’s a better way to live life. You have chosen yourself and stepped into the arena which will grant you the opportunities, experiences, and connections to serve your definition of success.

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  • Connection and networking typically happen from a VERTICAL perspective... something in common like industry, roles, mission, gender, etc.

  • It's time to expand our networks of other game changers/ growth mindset individuals... AKA... an                   who wants to connect, network, and grow from a HORIZONTAL perspective

  • Welcome to what                   is ... a Peer to Peer CAREER Growth Mindset Experience! 

  • Meet other humans who have great energy, wit, thrive due to being accountable, and want to be a door opener for others!

  •                  will be an in-person and online platform as it is for ALL humans no matter where they reside within the United States or world! 


This is your opportunity to invest in yourself TODAY so your FUTURE can show up for you. 

            is the opportunity to solidify that who you are from a character, traits, skills, and qualities perspective is absolutely needed in this world and this is the space that wants to empower, embrace, and honor who you authentically are. 


The                  experience



When we play the long term versus short term game of building connections with individuals we open up the door for endless possibilities to occur because we are not attached to a specific end outcome. This experience will lead to new friends, careers, hobbies, thoughts, and opportunities in ways you've never dreamed up. 

Rapport building, knowledge sharing, listening, and growing are the tools within yourself you will expand because of this experience! 


The                 experience consists of..

  • Monthly Zoom Sessions

  • Monthly In- person connects

  • Discounts for Evolver retreats & conferences

  • Evolver Swag

  • Peer to Peer Engagement & Networking Opportunities

  • Facebook community

  • Custom newsletter with resources and pep talks

  • Diverse speakers & resources 


Hey                    it's time to join!


Listen to your life like your future depends upon it:

It is an active choice to continue to pay attention to when your life is speaking to you.


Intangible skills lead to tangible outcomes:

Your internal self recognizes your worth which allows external situations to show up that are naturally aligned to the life you want to live.


People only know what you tell them:

Own yourself through your thoughts, words, and actions.


Assumptions, judgements, & expectations will burden:

The gifts of life happen when we honor the grey space between what we know and don't; seek to understand versus assume.

Be the narrator of your life:

You are the storyteller of  life; write your legacy by getting in the arena and doing the work to ensure the quality of your story.

Practice makes trust:

Stay accountable to yourself by trusting the process you feel within you through creating moments of opportunity to practice.


Be present today for your future to show up:

The color of your life is in the present moment where you can see, hear and engage with it NOW.


Ask thought provoking questions:

Get curious through asking yourself and others’ elevated questions which will grant you the opportunity to understand the what, how and why or each experience.


Let go of the need to know:

Thank lessons as it’s a gift that has been given to you.


You are in the drivers seat:

Choose how your life is going to operate according to your own terms.


Change will happen when you hold the space for it to occur:

See the world in a different light and embrace the moments of the unknown which will lead you to your new path.


You think you know but you have no idea:

Continue to invite the future in with open arms.



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