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Hey Team, it's Tori!

Tori is a vibrant and answers-driven woman who challenges the status quo. She has a hunger for knowledge and exudes an enthusiastic passion for bringing out the best in talent through career focused transformation coaching and speaking.

Tori graduated from Central Michigan University twice, including, a Masters in Educational Leadership. Tori thrives in listening and learning from individuals in order to debunk myths associated with talent development.


• She has developed a plethora of real-world experiences throughout 15+ years where she has conducted over 12,000+ candidate interviews, hired 2,000+, and developed and managed 1,200+ people within corporate and higher education.


• Tori is the Founder of evolYOUtion, as well as a coach, trainer, and speaker who prides herself on empowering people to be confident within their communication to achieve greater connection.


• She craves closing the gap between retention and talent development which occurs when the focus is on developing people rather than chasing achievement.

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