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Intangible skills leads to external rewards.

Hi team, it's Tori Stevens.

Career therapist, accountability partner, truth-teller, asker of thought-provoking questions—Tori Stevens clients have called me all these things. As someone whose job it is to hold up the mirror and help you ask the hard questions and to reflect on their path and ambitions, I can honestly say that for every client I’ve worked with, the key to making a big change is owning up internally. That way, you can allow your authentic self to show up externally.


For close to two decades I have planted the seeds of significance, paving the way to genuine self-realization and professional growth in others by working in talent development in higher ed and corporate settings. With a bachelor’s in communication and a master’s in educational leadership, I harness my experience to develop people, rather than forcing them to chase achievement that no longer serves them. In this way, I guide my clients to hold themselves accountable so they can be the change they wish to see. 


When I founded evolYOUtion in 2018, I realized there was a gap between where people are and where they want to be. Through my years, I’ve seen what happens when your external role isn’t parallel to who you are. This is exactly what we work on together, whether you’re earlier in your career or a senior executive.


We must also link arms with one another and think of the long-term game to recognize that we don’t simply have careers to make an income and help others. We’re here to make an impact and the only way that can happen is if we honor and own our characteristics, skills, and talents first…and then shine them out into the world.

Choose yourself & be the change!

What has to happen for you to choose yourself, first?

Through a mix of Brene Brown’s Dare To Lead, inner bonding, competencies, and my years of experience in corporate and higher ed, you’ll build strength in yourself that enables you to build stronger connections, at work and in life.

I’m a multiplier, dot-connector, listener, and expander here to
guide you through 1-1 coaching, workshops, and pep talks (speaking engagements). 

You’ll come away with more space, peace of mind, an
elevated mindset, and the tools to develop yourself and others. 

I call myself a catch-and-release coach because the goal is to identify your struggles, turn them horizontal, and help you transform. As a person who facilitates transformation, I’ll offer you the intangible but real tools of self-awareness and trust to ensure tangible results in your life and career so that your external accolades begin to match your sense of self and purpose.

What sets me apart is my ability to find my client’s accountability button and nurturing, pushing, and coaching them up to finding their intangible gifts as they align their career and personal selves. I’m not the kind of coach you see for years on end. No, we get you moving so you can choose yourself and be the change. Holding up the mirror to your life to showcase you are the common denominator and the answer to your concerns, opportunities, and problems.


Ready to begin your

Unleash your full potential with this free download, carefully curated to give you a head start in achieving everything I know you’re capable of.

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