It takes a tribe.

This page is a dedication and "thank you" to all of the individuals, near and far, who have come together to make Tori's evolYOUtion come true.


Kristen Stegall

Video Content Creator

Kristen Stegall is a video content creator based in Charlotte, NC. She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their impactful stories and provide value through video production.

Todd M. Caldwell


Blessed with the ability to mesh creativity and awesomeness into one image, MoSeawell Photography is a personal touch artistic studio.  Specializing in non-verbal story telling, Todd’s primary mission is to exceed the customer’s expectations, rendering them speechless but highly satisfied.

Simone McDowell

Simone is a public relations professional who helps entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations elevate their brand awareness through strategic public relations, content creation and social media.

Swell Design.jpg

Sarah Wells

Graphic & Web Designer

Sarah Wells owns and operates Swell Design, providing graphic & web design as well as other creative services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations to enhance their brand.

Julia Fay Murray

Julia Murray is a brand photographer and visual strategist. She believes consumers are seeking connection and approachability when it comes to doing business with others; therefore it’s her mission to provide visual content people can connect to.

Chelsea Ludeke

Inspiration & Sales Consultant 

Chelsea has over a decade of sales experience. She harnesses her power through creating sale tactics with diverse industries through genuine connections. 


Tori Stevens

Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: (810) 964-0273

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